My MyCloud Home has gone bonkers

Hi there. I’ve been using the MyCloud Home for about a couple of months and I’ve been adding bits from my several computers and pendrives, no problem, the app works perfectly. However, … last Saturday, when I plugged in a Seagate Slim Drive (512 Gb) it has made the system unstable as it doesn’t seem to back up the Seagate Drive completely, nor does the WD seem to stop writing on the hard drive, as if it were in a loop. Shall I wait for it to finish the backup or shall I abort it? I mean, I don’t understand what’s causing the problem , could it be any corrupted files in the Seagate drive?
Thanks in advance


  • Please define “unstable” IE: what doesn’t work?
  • Did you receive the USB Backup failure or completion push notification? if not, backup is still occurring
  • Thumbnails are generated for all content backed up to the MCH so YES there will be lots of disk activity based on the number of files added

I would recommend allowing the USB backup to complete instead of abort.

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  1. Well, what I mean by unstable, is that it doesn’t stop spinning, when I’m pretty sure that it’s usually idle, unless of course you are using it to transfer data.
  2. No, I haven’t received the notification yet.
  3. Based on what you have said, I’ll just wait for a few days more to see if it finishes the Backup, hopefully it’ll fix itself.

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