My MyBook Studio 2TB keeps disconnecting from FW800

Well add me to the list.  Been using my 2 TB MyBook Studio with my Mac for a week or so with my Mac Mini using the FW800 port.  It just randomly disconnects, sometimes pops back for a few seconds.  Sometimes a reboot will find it again, and sometimes it won’t.  The power button behaves sometimes, usually it does not.  If I unplug and plug back in the firewire cable it will almost always come back, but not always for long.

  • Using with USB cable now and seems to be staying connected.  (I didn’t pay a premium for another USB drive however)
  • I have had the same issue with and without the WD software installed.
  • I have tried both FW800 ports on the drive.
  • I made sure the sleep setting is off in the software settings page.
  • The WD software reported the temperature was OK.
  • The drive is standing upright now.
  • I have the most current firmware.

Suggestions? Ideas?  I can barely understand the tech support people, and they haven’t come up with any viable options.  Thank you.

Tech support is now going to send me a new cable.  I’m almost positive its not that, but we will see.