My "My Coud Home" device (WDBVXC0040HWT) is offline & can't get online again

I have tried to disconnect & re-connect both the power & ethernet cables on my device & have also tried the 29 second reset, but no luck.

The LED light on front of my device is a white light & remains on solid.

any solutions to this problem ?
Please let me know.

Thanks, Chris Canfield.

same Problem no 1 helping me I am even thinking of striping the device down ,coz all my life time memories is in this device that is always offline

This is a complete mess, I’ve been searching for an answer in the forum and there’s a whole lot of people with the same problem.
WD My Cloud Home is up and running but it’s a no show in PC or Mac.
Still offline and with all my data inside.

I’m having the same problem with this device. (WDBVXC0080HWT-NESN), while transferring my files locally thru lan suddenly it went out of the network and I can’t find it again, It does not go online either.

And it has very limited access for the end user. It doesn’t have enough buttons or ports for this kind of situations. even local dashboard to manage the settings is not available. They have successfully taken control of the device to the point that you cannot access your files anymore. I think they don’t care about your files, they only care on how they will restrict you from using the device extensively.

Wrong decision on buying this scrap.

This is not a Network Attached Storage.
This is an Internet Attached Storage :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Setting are configured online, you cannot configure it without internet :joy: :joy: