My "My Cloud" app (not "My Cloud Home" app!) doesn't show .heic pictures


as far as I could find out the “WD My Cloud Home” app is supposed to be able to handle/show .heic-pictures. However, since I bought a WD Ex2 Ultra last week I use the “WD My Cloud” app (without “Home”). Said “My Cloud” app (without the “Home”) can neither show thumbnails of pictures having .heic endings nor such pictures themselves. Why is that? Will the “My Cloud” app ever support .heic pictures?

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Hi WD-Community,

Same problem here, please implement the same feature from the My Cloud Home App into the My Cloud App.
Branded as a more “professional” device than the new MyCloud Home stuff I don’t understand why there is still no HEIC support in the MyCloud app.
Right now this feature of storing iPhone pics in a folder is kinda useless. I don’t want to limit the camera of the phone to jpg when it can do more just because you app doesn’t support it.

Thank you

See solution at this link

Thanks, I already read that, but that’s no solution merely a workaround.

Agree, but it is “the solution” for now and I save as jpg to MC.

its been over a year and no new updates to the app. my cloud home has the ability and we still don’t. please address this soon or we are going to find a new vendor . the workaround is not acceptable when the my cloud home works fine. we paid for a better service and should be able to receive at least the same features as the home app