My movie Monster Inc is 30+ gig but it shows only 3+ gigs in WD Unit


I rip out the movie Monster Inc in Blu ray and copy the whole folder to the WD unit HD. When I navigate to the folder within WD, it says the total size is 3+ gig only. I use my PC and navigate to the WD unit folder to confirm the size, it’s 30+ gig.

When playing the movie, the movie starts somewhere in the middle of the movie. I have not tried to create an ISO out of that movie yet.

I have an ASUS O’Play using the same movie folder from an external HD and it works fine. 

Any idea? Thank you. 


Firstly, Native Blu Ray Playback with Menus is not possible on WDTV LIVE HUB, However, the WDTV LIve HUB will attempt to play the files present in the stream folder of the Blu Ray Rip.

But there are some conditions to it, as it will attempt to play individual files it may or may not play the full movie especially if the movie has multiple files…

Having said, your problem is probably due to the Media Library quirks that are pretty common, if you have used the Menu interface before, I would suggest that you disable Media Library and re-enable Media library and see if it solves your problem…

I use AnyDVD and rip the movie UP in ISO. When playing the ISO via the shared folder from the NAS, it plays in the middle of the movie. I turn UPNP on from the nas and  use the WD and go to Media Server, it sees the NAS and the movie.iso, when trying to play, it says: “Unable to play the selected file. Please see the User Manual for a list of supported file formats.”

I have the latest firmware. Anyone else has the same issue? I like the UI from this unit, and do not want to return unless I cannot solve this problem.

Thank you.