My Media Library

I am most likely missing the point of having the media library function on. I know it creates a new My Media Library share but does this give you more functionality than just accessing media servers that are connected such as a NAS? I know you can access the dashboard but am I missing something or additional features if I don’t use this feature? It takes forever to compile and all the file extensions show. So please share how some of you are using this feature. Also I just finished compiling my music and for some reason some of the songs show up twice for an artist. So for the majority of artists each song shows up twice when you select the artist. Any ideas? Thanks,

The use of My Media Library is optional, below you can see how it is described in the user manual:

“The benefit of selecting this option is that it shows all the aggregated content on your network attached storage and USB storage together in one view. However, it does take longer to scan all the storage content compared to selecting a more
specific option for content retrieval.”

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