'My Media Library' or 'Local'?

Using the latest fw and external HDD Seagate 3tb connected via USB.

For video, what is the best source to select?

‘My Media Lbrary’ or ‘Local’?

Tried both and still can’t get thumbnails to display for DVD folders - tried different combinations of auto and manual ‘Get Info’ with no success. Might have not tried the right combination yet tho !

Any advice appreciated


Well My Media library is different thing. There is an option to add network share in the library and when you do that it show up in My media library together with your local HDD folders. That is My media library for! Its like consolidate storage option! I am not sure for DVD…but maybe i was read somewhere that there is problems with DVD folder covers in latest FW. But as i said i am not sure about that!

Ah, I see


As I only want to access the usb HDD I’ll stick with Local then