My MBW II is not showed in the shared devices in the network


I have installed my MBW II  4TB in raid mode (2 Tb+2 Tb) in my house network atached directly to the router.

I have changed the I.P. adress of this device to  for direct access to it through the diferent computers on the net; 

  • 1 with Windows XP

  • 1 with Windows 2000 profesional ( i know it’s old but it have an accunt program i need)

  • 1 MACBOOK PRO with OSX Snow leopard

I installed the WD discovery and it let me use it in the windows computers with direct acces to the MBW II without many problems in the computer with Windows XP and some with the Windows 2000 profesional that i managed to solve. The first instalation caused a lot of problems as the device serial number was not automatically show but i solved it with the help of the WD support team (June 2010) and now everything seems to work fine.

The question is that  now that i have a new computer. The MACBOOK PRO previously stated on my net computers configaration and the problem is that i didn’t see the MBW II device in the MAC OSX Snow leopard computer in the “Shared”  Root.

Moreover i can acces it through SAFARI and i therefore have “temporaly” make a direct access to this disk in the DESK in order to be able to access to it quickly, but i would like to have it also in the “SHARED” root as it 's show in the Manual of the MBW II but unitl now all my tries to do so have failed.

The MACBOOK PRO connects well with internet, one printer attached directly to one of the windows based computers, and files inside the windows based computers (i have MACFUSE program installed in it to do so) and therefore i do not think is a network configuration problem.

At my knowledge if i can access to it throug the direct access i created in the Desktop of the MACBOOK PRO OSX Snow Leopard computer it can not be also  a problem of passwords of the MBW II or similar, and i’m totally stocked with that question as i do not Know  what more i can do to solve it.

Any help would be welcome.

Best regards from Barcelona, Pascual.

Hi there, what if you try to connect to the drive as an SMB server?

Click on Go> Connect to server> Type SMB://Ipaddress and click connect as a registered user> Go to finder prefferences> Make sure connected servers is check and the MBW should be on the desktop of your Mac from that point o.o