My Mac no longer recognises my WD My Cloud

Not sure what is happening, but my My Cloud has been working just fine, until last weekend. The LED is continuously flashing yellow. I have disconnected and reconnected both the Ethernet cable and the Power, and same with the router. No good. One day it was working - the next it was not.

I had a similar problem with my printer recently and that was beause of enhanced security in the latest Apple platform. Could this be because of the same thing?

This is driving me nuts - any help that I can get will be gratefully received.

Thanks in anticipation.


what LED is flashing?

what are all 3 LEDs doing.

The LED at the front of the device. The one that should be blue if working correctly.

On the rear of the device, the yellow light is flashing and the green is static.

the yellow flasing LED on the back is normal, just indicates LAN traffic which there always is

from the lights it appears networking is ok so I suspect this may be similier to the printer issue you had.

I am not a mac person but I assume they would have ping available, if so go into the router to see the cuttent mycloud IP then try pinging it from the mac and other devices if you have any others

Thanks Larryg0

What I was wondering is why the LED will not turn blue. Would I be wrong to think that the LED is not dependent on having the network connection to dislpay Blue - but the network connection to the My Cloud is dependent on having the Blue LED? If that is so, the issue would seem to be with the My Cloud unit? 

That may be complete and utter rubbish from me, so feel free to correct me.

On the subject of pinging from a Mac, I am afraid that is a little beyond my knowledge or current ability. Very frustrating.

sorry, I mis-read your post and thought you said it was blue

per the manual the front LED flashing yellow is either thermal issue or network cable unplugged

 what is the tempature where the my cloud is located? does it have good circulation around it? you could try unpluging it for a couple of hours to cool down.

you said the green LED on the back is static. does this mean solid on or off or???

you said the rear yellow LED is flashing which I was assuming the activity LED however the manual says the activity LED is green.

on the back you should have a steady green(1Gbps) or yellow (100Mbps) LED and the other green LED should be blinking. if this is not the case try another cable and port on the router/switch

Thanks Larryg0

That sounds like a good place to go. I will try it when I get back home from work, and will let you know the outcome.

Thanks again

Unfortunately, no success. I disconnected the MyCloud device and left it for 24hrs. When I reconnected it last night, the device restarted with a solid yellow LED changinging to a blinking Yellow Led. The manual says that is either caused by a faulty ethernet cable connection (not the case here because I checked) or a thermal issue. The device has been standing on my desktop as per instruction, and there has been airflow all round, so having difficulty understanding why this should “overheat” now.

I guess my next question is - is this terminal and do I lose all my stored files? That would be very disappointing.