My Mac is dead. Just trying to get at my backed up pics

Thank you in advance for any advice given on this

Have a Mac Mini that is dead and gone.  RIP Mac Mini

All of my photos are now trapped on my My Passport Studio.  At least they are backed up

I now use a Samsung Chromebook

How can I gain access to the photos so I can move them to OneDrive?

Hi there, welcome to the community. I’m sorry to read that your Mac died.

Does the chromebook recognize the My Passport? If not most likely is because ChromeOS doesn’t support Apple’s partition table and you might need to borrow another Mac to get the information out.

The Chromebook does’t recognize My Passport.  I’ll have to get my hands on another Mac and transfer my photos that way.

Thanks for getting back to me.  

I’m not a chrome OS user, but, have you checked on the internet if there’s a way that you can make a drive formatted for apple to work on ChromeOS? I know there are apps for windows but I dont know if its the same for ChromeOS.