My Lenovo T60 WIndows XP does not see the WD 500 GB Mybook

My laptop cannot see the wdc external HD.  This was an existing external for a desktop that died.  This HD has two partitions on it, with data and music that I do not want to lose.  So I decided to hook it up to my laptop for extra storage and backups.  When I hooked it up, it went through the installation process and prompted me to reboot.  The reboot took a long time as I think it had to sync. 

After the reboot, I went into My computer and did not see the drives.  I then went into disk management and it does not display the HD drive there.

I used the WDC Data Guard and it hung on the cable test.  Does this mean that the cable is no good?  But if the cable is not good, then why did it install when I plugged it in the first time.


Update:  I replaced the cable and it gave me a Cable Test: Read Diagnostic Sector error.  What does this mean?

I am desperate to get this working as my kids have bought a lot of music on iTunes and it is stored on this HD.

Thanks in advance!


May be the interface card could have gone bad. Or the USB port on the Laptop Try using the drive on the 3rd Computer to recover the data.

If that does not work you can use some data recovery software to recover the data or Contact the data recovery partners.


You Can Break Open the Casing and use the drive in there to the regular desktop computers

Please NOTE: You Might Lose the warranty by doing this.

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Ok, here is the latest update on this issue.  I hooked the drive up to my new desktop, which has Windows 7.  It kept on coming up that the two partitions needed to be formatted before it can be used.  So I started to lose all hope.  Then, I decided to check the Computer folder and there the two drives were there.  I am now in the process of copying the music and data from this drive to the new drive.

However, now I need to understand, why does it read ok on the new desktop and not on my laptop?  I have two USB ports on my laptop that have no problems using other USB devices.  Is it possible, that this is simply a conflict with my laptop? 

I really want to get this drive up and running on my laptop so I can start backing it up and saving other music.

Thanks again for your ealier reply and I will see what else I can try to do.  Thanks so much!

I was able to copy all music and data over from the old drive to the new drive.  However, now the old drive appears to be dead.  It turns on briefly when I attach it to the laptop or the desktop.  The light will come on and I hear the hard drive spinning, and then it shuts down.  I removed the interface card from the HD and I can see that the light comes on and then goes off.  So, I am guessing that the interface card is bad.  The drive did experience at least two power outages in the recent week, so I am guessing it fried the card.

I will contact WD and see if I can purchase a new interface card.

Thanks so much for your assistance.  At the very least, I have recovered the music and data.