My IP address via my cloud app

I use the iOS app all the time to access my book live remotely. Works great. Obviously via the WD servers they are dynamically tracking my IP address because it always works even if my router rebooted and got issued a new IP address by my ISP. Is there a way within the app or somehow to remotely find out my IP address should it change when I am outside of my home network?

The reason I ask is because I use some other devices and apps and access these via using my known up address. I have a webcam and also another drive that I use FTP. When the IP changes, as it does occasionally, I have to go into the settings of these apps and update the IP address.

It’s never been an issue because one of my other apps also dynamically tracks the IP so when it changes I can just query it and it shows it to me. Very helpful. But unfortunately this app is not 64 bit and will cease working in probably the next iOS update. As it supports an old product the developer is not going to update the app to conform (I have already asked them). So this squashes my ability to see my IP address remotely. So now I wonder if there was some way WD and/or it’s apps can display my IP as they must know it to be able to connect to the drive at home.


The Mobile App does not display your IP address (local network) since it connects directly to the WD Server.


Thanks for responding. Yes I understand it goes through wd server but the app and server must know my external IP address for it able to connect to my cloud drive at home. I just hoped the app would display it


You can use a service like dyndns on your router to know your ip adress. if your router hasn’t got that ability I’ve made a script that e-mails me the ip adress every time that changes.