My idea sent to WD about a Standalone media player for the smartphone

I would love to see a standalone app on the android and apple devices that would allow streaming of music.

The current music player in the my home app cuts out and starts from the beginning of the file when trying to play the music if there was an interruption somewhere (I expect it to be when its trying to read information and it losses connection for a split second).

In the Standalone app that allows you to stream music from your My Cloud Home Device on the go or at home, that as a certain amount of buffing to keep playing even if there was a small interruption of a few second (If we had about 10 to 15 second of music buffering) with the ability for the buffer to catch up when the connection is re-establish or when the information can be read again with out it resetting the data stream.

The standalone music player app, would have some advanced features like:

  • Equalizers, creating and reading playlist stored on the my cloud home device.
  • Repeat once/All and Shuffle.
  • Artist/Album Information based on the File/folder name and the use of a Music Database to call up information for the user.
  • A Clean visually pleasing user interface.
  • Offline Playing, the ability to download albums, songs and playlist on the app devices for playback offline (Handy for those that commute to work a lot.
  • The Ability to Play Audio Books
  • Been able to select which folder you will be using on your My Cloud Home Device to stream the content though.
  • Allowing the App on the Devices rather than on the My Cloud Home Device do all the encoding on the fly in the buffer.

My Problem with the My Cloud App when it comes to playing music is that if you are in a middle of a song it will start the song from the beginning again if it is interrupted somehow (From the Read/Write Speed been too slow, or the data stream been lost in mid stream).

I think With an standalone app with the features mentioned and more, would add an all new dimension to how the device can be used.

You could say use the plex server instead, but I find that the My Home Device is not powerful enough for plex to be used without lots of issues and having to pay for the privilege of playing my own music and videos on a mobile device.

Since the My Cloud Home Device can play videos and music from any device (Laptops, PC Mobile with My Cloud App) with very little issues and without the need to install additional software like Plex on the My Cloud Home Device, I feel this would be a less System intense on the My Cloud Home Device as Plex or any other software on the device itself.

Allowing the mobile, pc, laptop device themselves to do all the encoding on the fly.