My HP Pavilion will not recognize Mybook Essential SB 3.0 driver

Hi. I just brought  a new My Essential USB 3.0 and plugged it into my Pavillion 9v6-2016ax laptop and the unit fires up but I keep getting a message that the driver cannot be found. I down loaded the drivers from the WD’s website but still no luck… I tried it on another pc and it works and even took it back to the supplier and it worked on their pc. Any suggestions? Im running Windows XP and tried the Fix it program but again no luck. It shows up in the device manager but as an unknown device but when you trouble shoot it comes up with similar error messages.

Does the XP have SP3 installed and all other important updates?


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Sorry My OS is Windows 7 not and XP:manembarrassed: Too many laptops. Ive updated all possible Microsoft updated and still no luck.

Well it sounds like a Windows problem since the drive was recognized on another PC. Did the PC come with USB 3.0 installed or did you add it? Did you check in the device manager and see if there are any faults shown there with yellow mark? Check in BIOS and make sure USB 3.0 is enabled. Something that occasionally works is to shutdown PC unplug power or pop battery on laptop for aout 15 min then reboot.