My HDD just disappeared

So, i was just typing in command prompt some things for being able to boot from flash, so i entered: 

Right after that i found that my almost full HDD was deleted. There was no (H:), as usuall, disk in My Computer. So i went to windows disk management and saw that i have 940+ GBs of unpartitioned space. I restarted my PC because i was really scared and shocked, because there was EVERYTHING in that HDD. So, when the PC restarted, i went to disk management and i dont see any unpartitioned space. When i plug in the usb cable to pc, it searches for random drivers, but i installed the newest ones… Out of 4 leds none are lighting - its empy!

After doing some googling, i found that i can still restore some of my data - the photos are the most important. I downloaded tons of soft bus they find only my internal pc hdd.

Please help people, i really am almost crying here… Please.

Try using Photorec it will try to recover your information.