My hdd had been stolen. How can I recover my photos?

Hy! About a month a go my hdd has been stolen and I need help.
I want ro recover my photos and my videos. I had pictures from my wedding and all the holidays.
I have only the serial number of my Passport.
How cand I recover them??
Please help!!

I think this is more of an issue for the police to solve than for WD to solve. You have the serial number which I hope you gave the police. About all I think WD can do is they can flag your drive in their records that is a stolen drive, so if it ever were to be sent to them for service they could notify you. Let’s see if WD responds to this with any help for you.

Thank you very much for answering. I did spoke with the police…but they couldn t find anything till now. I hoped i could acces my photos or something online or something…:frowning:

If your photos are only on the drive, how could you expect to access them online – by some sort of “magic”? I am afraid your photos are gone unless you get the drive back.