My HD is only trash?

I have problems with a Caviar Blue WD6400AAKS. After a quick scan, it report 0007 error, and after a full scan there is the 0226 error. The item is out of warranty, so now is only trash? Is there anything I can do to try for recover it? The strange thing is that the only problem seems to be only some rare fake boots of Vista (sometimes the green bar of Vista has an infinite loading and I have to reset it). 

If you can boot up and access the drive, you should copy all or as much of the data as possible off of the drive to a new drive. You can get a nice Black Caviar 1 TB HDD from New Egg for $120. The error code means there’s physical damage to a sector, so you want to copy it before other sectors get damaged. If you can’t access the drive, then download Getdataback. It’ll tell you if it can recover the data and then you have to pay for it to move the files, but if you have data you really need, then you’ll pay for it. Yeah, your HDD is basically trash, although if you want to open it up, there’s a realy powerful magnet inside that you can play with!