My Harddrive is not getting detected

I’ve wd cavier green 1TB hard drive, which is almost 1 year old. The problem started about 5 to 6 days ago when my computer wasn’t responding correctly as I noticed some freezes while running, even I had to restart it& while starting it was getting stuck at motherboard’s bios screen, it happened for some time, but again it started working…so I ignored the problem.

But today my hdd is not even getting detected in bios… I’ve tried everything…checked sata cables, other wires, harddrive’s fan is working without any beep and without any clicking sound.

I tried to boot with my old pata drive and it is getting detected…

So can anyone tell me the solution, I don’t have enough backups and some important data is still in hdd…

is the drive doing any abnormal sound?  

why didnt you check the drive after the first problem a few days ago?

lets hope the drive didnt die after that

i would recomend to exchange sata port and cable  and see if this works

if not ( and you dont wanna go to a  recovery firm) you should try removing the circuit board and inspect the main contacts

clean it gently with a rubber and remove the oxidation stuff :slight_smile:

be carefull and connect again the circuit board to the HDD

(this will void your warranty btw…removing the circuit board is the last resort