My hard drive does not work

hey, after i got that “my book essential” 2 TB, i got it as a upgrade from the previous line of my books, (1TB) and i mainly use it for movies/multimedia kind of stuff, and watch stuff on my ps3, as this new one does not work for ps3 (because its NTFS and not fat32) i now try to formatt the hard drive to fat32, after heaps of work trying to do it, the hard drive now sits on my computer as 'hard drive" no size or nothing, i can even right click it without my pc freezing, but when i unplug it, its fine. what the heck can i do.

Can you reformat the drive back to NTFS?  If not, what happens when you test it using our Windows-based diagnostics?  Please see WD KB # 940 for more information.