My hard disk it has warranty but it is out of region


I want to ask you if the hard disk “wd20npvt” has warranty and as i see from the rma/warranty check it has until 11/13/2016.

I was buy that product outside from Greece i live now and when i check at warranty it inform me that it has warranty but it is “Out of Region”

And the warranty is ONLY with the external case of the hard disk or it was and only the hard disk without the external case?

And is there any support at Greece?

So i can call them and ask them if it has or not warranty?


Take a look at these links for more information.

Explanation for “No Limited Warranty”, “Out of Region”, “Invalid Serial Number”, and “Out of Limited Warranty

How to replace a product outside of the United States and Canada

So as i read if any hard drive is buy from america and go to other country like Greece even it has warranty at America, at other region it doesn’t has any warranty.


No, the warranty follows it. It’s just that you will have to get the region changed before the warranty can be utilized.

That’s good information you shared.Appreciated