My hard disc is not found

I have installed a new WD Caviar GP 1 TB as my second disc, but the Bios does not find the hard disc. Can anybody help me?

are you using a SATA controller or anything?


are you sure it spin up with normal sound? 

can you provide more detail about your drive [text deleted] 

Have you updated your BIOS? Have you verified your BIOS is capable is seeing a 1TB drive? Have you enabled all of the SATA ports in the BIOS and set them to AUTO? Try changing the data and power cables. Also, try plugging the drive into a different SATA port. If available, try plugging the drive into a different controller. Make sure there are no jumpers on the drive. If you are plugging the drive into a SATA-1 controller opposed to a SATA-2 controller, try putting a jumper shunt on pins 5 & 6. If it still doesn’t work, try the drive in a different system.