My G Drive will not show up after Mojave update

Help! My G drive will not show up now that I have upgraded to Mojave. When I go into the Systems report it shows that the device is connected via the USB but it doesn’t mount to the desktop nor shows up in the disk utility.

Help someone!

In the Disk Utility make sure you click the view box in the top left corner and select “Show all devices” The drive will likely show then but it will be grayed out.

If this is the case then it means the partition is corrupted or is not mounting for other reasons that Mojave doesn’t like. You can attempt to repair it with First Aid or if you have a system that can still recognize the drive as mounted transfer the content off and Erase it to clear off any corruption that might be on the drive.

If it doesn’t show at all in Disk Utility even after changing that then there would be a issue with the hardware. You can attempt an SMC and NVRAM reset on your Mac to see if that helps.