My G Drive Thunderbolt 3TB DIED!

My GDrive just stopped. It turned off and I can’t turn it on. Checked the power source, replaced the power cord and nothing. It’s a block of silicon now. Advice?


These drives won’t turn on unless you have an active data connection to the computer as well. Make sure you have it plugged into the computer or else it won’t turn on.

Hi, got the same problem. After checking both the power adapter and the electronic card broke down. Is it possible to get these components for replacement? Thanks.

Electronics card broke down?

We don’t have replacement components. We can offer a replacement of the entire unit under warranty or possibly just the power adapter. But make sure it is indeed failed. The drive requires it to be plugged into a computer that is on in order for it to actually turn on the drive.

Today I’ve tried with a new power adapter and the disk is working.
So the failure was only in the original power adapter. Is it possible to replace it under warranty?

Call in to our support and we can get a replacement adapter sent out to you.