My G-Dock will NOT turn on

For some reason, my G-Technology dock will not turn on anymore. I was using my mac then I see a notification telling me that my drives were disconnected improperly, that’s when I noticed they were off. I reached on the back to turn it back on and the light on the drive just blinks. It’s plugged into a power surge protector with not much connected to it, its receiving enough power, there weren’t power interruptions. Everything looks fine and should be working but it just won’t turn on.

If it won’t turn on at all it could be a an issue on the enclosure side of the Dock.

If it is within warranty you can create an RMA on our site here for replacement: RMA creation

Every time I enter the security code it never works. Haha I know I’m not dumb haha! I’ve tried multiple times and I can clearly see what the security letters are but I’m still getting that error. It seems like this is becoming to be the worst process ever of trying to get my stuff to work.

We have the same problem since 2 weeks. Hard Drives are ok outside the enclosure in USB.
What should we do the warranty is jsut over, How can we fix this ?
Who can fix/repair those G-Dock ev thunderbolt enclosures ?