My first wd hdd is broken and y not sure if wd can fix it

 Hi, i buy my first wd digital hdd. ( i always used seagate).

As my very old(2003) 80 ide gigabyte is slow with more 50000 hours and with 66 reallocated sector count. I search a substitute ide hdd. I found in ebay a seller(enterprise seller). Sell a wd2500aajb new cheap (30e with sipping).

I recieve the hdd, and is manufacture in november 2012. Smart tell me is perfect and with 0 hour of use.(totally new as announce say).

And then my nightmare begins. I download acronnis to clone the old 80gb ide. And when only left 7minutes to finish. They show me an error.“error wrirte disk 3 sector x”. I think the guilty is the 80 ide so, i cancel and pass a scandisk to the 80gb. They found errors and fix it. Ok i think. Another clone, and message returns, this time i click in ignore all. Finally the computer finish and reset.

And computer says “smart bad backup your data and replace the hdd.”

¿? I go to windows to view smart… 1490 sector count reallocated!!!

Now the wd webpage says my new hdd is out of warrantine. Expired in december 2014. I open a suport ticket to ask to

actualize the warrantite with the ebay facture  when i not know is broken. In the other hand i send a ebay seller a question asking the options, but i sure he not  have more hdd. Here are holydays until monday, so i sure wd not repond and ebay seller not respond me. Until next week.

Wd cover me with warrantine?. I not really sure :(. I can’nt open rma now.

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

On this case i recommend contacting support to see if you can get more assistance on this matter:

Thanks i vew the reponse of support centre.this night(they repond the other day, but gmail send it to promotions and not apperar in the wd page support(i don’t know why).

The response of support center it’s crazy.

They tell me, western digital nor permit sell to final user products outside their internal warranty(internal policy). So they not update the warrrantine. And my hdd is out of warrantine.

So they tell me when they manufacture a hdd they put two years of warrantie from the date they manufacture de hdd…, and if i buy the hdd  more of these two yerars later is manufactured is out of warrantine?.

Is abosultely crazy, It violates the spanish users consumer law. The law is clear, when you buy a product new. you have two years of warrantine count from the purchase date. Thats all,the wd internal policy can not be above the law.

They suggest me I contact with the shop, so the send me a  new hdd wtih respect inteenal wd warantinne…Seriusly a ide drive not loger manufactured from 2013?.

 I’m only sure of one thing,this is first and the last time i buy something from western digital…

 Incredible, just incredible.

Ebay is so full of shady and corrupt sellers when it comes to refurbished and used hard drives.


I think what happened is that the cloning was cloning your old drives errors, I have seen this before so many times, it could even happen from bad memory, so do a memtest86 as well with a few rounds!

Do as follow, get the WD dos tool and zero wipe your new drive, then check the smart data again, it might be all fine. If all fine, only copy your documents and images from the old drive to a usb stick and keep them there. Install Linux or Windows again on the new drive and put your files back…

Damaged drives means damaged files, be very careful, never clone a bad drive!