My files have no name

I have the MyCloud home and my files have no name. They only come up as pictures with a W or PDF but no name. I have given myself local network access like I was told in the WD support chat. and enabled settings. It made things worse. Now I can only see my profile if I log in from my computer directly and I don’t have a dashboard and my files have no name if I log in from the web. This was supposed to make my life easier.

It seems like there may be some configuration or settings issues causing the problems you’re facing. Try to reset your MyCloud Home device, or access the dashboard manually.
Sometimes, If your files are not displaying their names correctly, it could be due to file metadata or formatting issues. Ensure that your files have proper names and that they are saved in standard file formats (e.g., .jpg for images, .pdf for PDF files). If necessary, try renaming the files and see if they appear correctly.