My external WD hard drive doesn't show up in mac or pc

i have 1 Tb passport wd drive and i had made two partition of equal space one formated on mac journalised and the other on pc FAT, it worked fine, but now when i plug it in mac its reconised at all not even on my disk utility and when i plug it on pc it says WD SES drive not installed. i installed WD SES drive from WD website but still comes up with same error. can anyone suggest me plz!!! i have lots of data in it and i don’t want to lose it! i’ll be really thankful if some one can help me! thanks!

Even when getting the message on windows… Is the drive recognized there?

The Mac should show both partitions no matter the file system on them

will recommend to reformat the drive after the data is extracted if possible

you can use a recovery software

no i doesn’t reconise on windows or on mac. when i plug it in windows it starts to instal drive then it get stuck and error pop up saying WD SES drive cannot be installed. i know i have installed it correctly via WD website but still it comes up with the message and in mac it does nothing, doesn’t show up in disk utility or even in finder i can hear its spining and lights blinking but its not reconised at all! and if i have to recover it can you suggest me a good software to recover my data! plz


If have used TestDisk, Recuva and MiniTool