My external WB HD drive and Windows 7 compatibility

Hello everyone I would like to ask if anybody here can tell me if my WD external HD drive is compatible with Windows 7. Details: My Book essential edition 1 terabyte. Model ID: WDC WD10EAVS-00D7B1 Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know about your experiences, but mine have been very strange!

I have a 1TB My Studio HDD and am using the W7 backup software as I find the WD software very hard to work out.

My drive just ‘powers down’ right in the middle of a backup.  The drive is a replacement for one that failed before and have had this drive for about 6 months.  I think I’ve only had 3 backups go through to completion, so I know it does work, but cannot be relied upon.

I recently downloaded WD Anywhere and it backed-up successfully.  I went to try the View/Restore option to see what it looked like and got a very worrying message…“This software is not compatable with your operating system”!!

Now work that one out!

Anyone else have simialr problems with their drive “powering down” without warning?