My external HDD stop when transfer big files

My external HDD (NTFS) stop when I try to transfer big files. When I start to transfer files like above 1GB, the light in the HDD start to blinking, but after 1-2 minutes the transference was stoped and the light stop blink. To exit the transference I must to take out the USB cable. When I connect the HDD again, I find that transferred part of the files. For example, if I want to transfer a 4GB file, the transference was stuck,I take out the HDD and connect again and I find that transferred to the HDD 700MB of the 4GB file. Thanks for your help and sorry about my English.

If I were you, I would format the drive just to make sure it has a clean partition, and then I would replace it if the file transfer keeps working like that >_<

I hope it helps!

Hi, thanks for the help, but I have already tried to format the HDD and there are no results.

There are no solutions?

Someone? :frowning: