My external hard is flashing but not booting

Drive does not appear in My Computer; it shows in the Device Manager as WD and under properties it says that device working properly. It shows in the task bar under Safely Remove Hardware as external HDD. When first connected to USB port shows lights on the drive going up and down like it is trying to initialize; later only the first light stays on.

I have tried using different usb cables  and another laptop with same results.  When i try to format it after it’s done it says format failed. does anyone know how to solve this problem?

It’s probably not getting enough power from the USB ports of the laptops, if you’ve tried different USB cables and that didn’t help.

Ask WD’s support if they’ll send you a power booster cable – if you don’t qualify for them to send you one, you can buy one from the WD store.

Hi, could you please tell me if getting a power booster cord worked for you?  I am having the same problem. My computer recognizes that the passport is connected but it won’t show up under “my computer”.  The passport is also running and the light is on.   I’ve restarted the computer and have tried three different computers and the same thing occurs with all three.  I’ve had the device for about 6 months.

Thanks in advance

i had the same problem as you. when i connected my passport it i had the light on but it wouldnt show up on my computer. what i did is i format it and then it showed up, but then i had another problem which cant be fixed. it says too many bad sectors, i tried to fix it using cmd  but nothing helped. i think you have the same problem as i do.