My external hard drive not being recognized ANYWHERE

Ok, so I bought this hard drive a month or two ago and its been working fine, I’ve put all of my important backups on there, everything. So a few days ago I was watching a video off there when it froze, so I closed VLC, and tried to eject it. It wouldn’t eject. I kept trying, left it for a bit, still nothing. So I just pulled it out and plugged it back it… nothing. I tried putting in my flash drive, worked fine. I put in the hard drive again, nothing. So I thought it might be something weird with my computer (I have a MacBook Pro), I plugged it into my brothers laptop (PC), NOTHING!

I plugged it back into my Mac and opened Disk Utility, nothing.

I plugged it into my brothers netbook and opened up Disk Management, nothing.

This thing isn’t showing up anywhere in anyway. The power is on, some lights are flashing (I don’t think the USB ones are though).

I’ve looked over a few forums and I cannot find anyone with my problem.

My guess is that there is something wrong with the enclosure, but thats just a guess.

And I’ve tried multiple wiring.

Can anyone help?

TLDR; Computer won’t recognize my hard drive at all.

Havin same problem…

my pc, my sister pc, my friends pc… no one recognized…