My external hard drive got erased i need my old files back Win 7

I have all my important documents on my external hard drive. I was always able to access
it. Even after last week i got my system upgraded. im now on windows 7. I wasnt able to access all my data …

I Turn on my system and when i boot up windows is telling me i need to format my disk
before im able to use itwhen i was using VISTA. now Win 7 When i go to /Computer Management/Disk Management: it says
the space is “100% free” Im worried all my data may be lost :(.

My Esternal hard drive WD 1000MB…

I need help here please … i need my iles so badly…

Dude, if Windows is asking you to format the drive then there’s data corruption somewhere. Disk Management tends to show the drive as it is, so if it says 100% free, no file system (It’s not NTFS), no drive letter, healthy and asking to format then Windows killed the file system and shows the drive as healthy because it was not a drive fault.

Try a partition repair software like TestDisk (Free) or PhotoRec and see if it helps.