My external Hard disk serial number disappears. Am i able to get warranty?

I have WD Mypassport Essential SE 1TB. My serial No is [Edited]. Due to the daily usage my serial number printed on the back of the hard disk disappears. I cant read it. I purchased this product from and they didn’t give any Receipt for the purchase. and they told me that by providing the serial no i can get warranty from WD for 3 years. I checked my product in WD warrant Check and it  shows me that i can get warranty till 23/7/2014. But due to this unreadable s/n is their any chance for void my warranty ? i have the WD My passport Essential cover (package)  , In that the s/n is printed. And also i register my product in WD website. Any one reply. thanks in advance

As far as I know it voids the warranty when the serial number is not readable, but you can always try to contact tech support to see if they can make any exceptions.