MY EXTERNAL DRIVE SERIAL # WD3200D032-000 won't work on my WINDOWS 7 laptop

I keep getting the message that the USB device is not recognized then I click on details and it’s code 43. I have tried switching to new chords, to no avail. My life is on this machine and it won’t work. It was originally installed onto my desktop (running XP) but when I plug it into that computer, it has no response at all whatsoever…

I don’t care which device makes it work, just want to recover my information and pictures off of it…


Thanks all!!!

Also, the ring of blue light on the face of the device doesn’t go on anymore—is it just that the power doesn’t work and I need a new power chord??

I am also having the same problem on this 7 year old external hdd.

I haven’t used it in years but it powers up WITHOUT the blue ring light and WILL NOT mount to

any computer. I have a lot of work on here i’d like to get to.

Thank you!