My external drive has stopped being recognised

My drive was working fine but now my laptop doesn’t recognise it. The power is ok and the single light at the back is flashing .

Can anyone help as I need to access all my photos on it ??:confounded:


I suggest that you start a new thread so that your post does not get overlooked. Specify which drive model you are using, your operating system, USB 2 or 3, etc. A starting point would be to try a different port on your laptop and/or a different cable.

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Thanks - how do I start a new thread. The help page says there is a ‘new post’ button but I cant see it ?

I am seeing the “New Message” button at the upper left of the topic listings. It is between the Search box and the Subject column. Hope this helps. I have sometimes had difficulty finding certain forum components for no apparent reason.

If nothing else, if one of the moderators notices this exchange, it may get moved to a new thread. If you are unable to start a new thread, please continue to post here in the meantime.