My external drive doesn't work and can't be formated

I got a 1TB WS Elements external hard-drive. I could save some files on it from my all-in-one Asus PC, but when I wanted to add more files it didn’t open. I got a message that I should format it (and loose everything I’ve put in there so far), but then that couldn’t be done as stuff were protected. I can open the hard-drive on my old stationary and on a laptop, but I need to save files from my Asus. Why can’t I?


Have you checked if this happens when you try to copy files to a different drive, perhaps this could be a permissions issue.


What operating systems do you have on all your computers/laptops? And, when you go into Disk Management, what does it say about the drive?

Hi, please check the ownership setting of the hard drive. There may be chances that you might don’t have right to access the drive.