My external drive does not recognize

I came here looking for answers, but I see a lot of people with the same question:

Why doesn’t my computer recognize the drive?

I plug in the drive to the power supply (the same one that came with the drive), then I plug the usb to my mac pwerbook. I look for the icon… and… nothing. I go to disc utilities and it is recognized there, but nowhere else that I can access my files. I decided to try WD, and I will NOT get another product from this company again. Not that seagate is any better, I lost files on that one too. The only drive that is worth a s*** is my acomdata drive. 4 years and still going strong. I used all my space in it, and now, I will get another one to TRY to fish out my files, but it looks like I may have to get a recovery service to get my files out. Great way to win over new customers Western Digital.

If the drive shows on Disk Utility then you’re not doomed. You can use a Data Recovery software and then erase and partition the drive if possible.

You can try  Mini Tool Data Recovery or any other you want.

Dude all electronic devices fail, I just want to tell you that if your data is that important you should not trust one backup location only no matter the name of the brand and that other drive that is 4 years, your best bet is to backup that as well you have been very lucky so far. For the data that was lost, you should use a Data Recovery Software that you can find using a search engine online.