My ext password hd keep prompt out window everytime that asking me to format my drive

Someone borrow my hd and copy some file after I get it back, I cannot open it… And the window keep pop out asking me to format my hd. I got click format but also cannot. It seems like not reading the hard disk.

I try open manager to check the drive but it won show anything if the hd still plug in. After I plug out then it went normal back, it seems like the harddisk preventing window to read or do anything when still plug to it. But still when I plug in hd USB the window keep asking me to format again.

I got try this testdisk but some part went wrong not same with the process I found on internet. Because the internet did not show error like below!

partition read error.PNG

I try to continue quick search, the search still continue but read error show up while analyses.

scan and read error.PNG

Should I continue scan or any other solution??

Please advice, thanks.

The information inside the hard drive might be corrupted, try to recover your files with a data recovery program and then write zeros with the DLG.

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hi sorry for late reply,

i did use the software DLGDIAG for window, but the problem is the software only detect my c and d drive. there no eternal drive detected.

is there any other solution?


does it not show on the device manager? or in disk management? or in my computer?

what drive are you using again? is it wd my passport?

kindly ask your friend what he/she did on the drive before returning it to you