My experiences with SmartWare - High CPU usage

The first days with My Book Essential, I was very impressed of the automatic backup feature. Due to a silly operation I performed, I had to restore an image of drive C:. My emails are stored on this drive (Windows Live Mail), I praised the SmartWare that could restore the missing emails. However, my folders were filled with duplicates, but it was possible to clean up. I changed the file history from 5 (the default) to 1, but I soon noticed that SmartWare was too clever to copy the files. A lot of copies of temporary files were backed up, the actual application deleted the temporary files on the main disk, but My Book kept them all! Even 0 byte files which where difficult to delete in the WD SmartWare.swstor folder. Obviously it is a better idea to change from Category backup to File backup. Then you can decide what files you need to backup. I performed cleanup in the .swstor folder, but a lot of MS files form Program Files, Program Data could not be deleted before I changed the security permissions. Still I was not satisfied, I noticed the high CPU usage. When the load is 98-100%, your computer feels very slow. So I decided to use my main backup application to perform scheduled backup of some important folders in addition to manual disk image backups. But, I wanted to keep the SmartWare icon on the task bar, telling me about the disk usage %, status and TEMPERATURE; that’s why I did not want to uninstall SmartWare. Possible? I tried to remove WDDMStatus.exe from the automatic startup (with Msconfig), but of course, then the WD Quick View icon disappeared. The solution seems to be: 1] Open SmartWare, Tab Backup, Click Stop Backup, Exit SmartWare 2] Start Services, scroll down to WDRulesService, right-click, Properties, change startup method from Automatic to Manual. Do the same for WDFMEService. 3] Reboot Check: - You have the SmartWare icon with WD Quick View? - Services: Only WDDMService is running? - The CPU load is low? You can easily start SmartWare again if you want. The two services are automatically started when they are needed. I hope this personal story may be helpful to others.

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That’s nice, I’ll do it right away…