My EX4100 has deleted some files...please help

HI all, I have an EX4100 with 4x 10tb drives in JBOD configuration, the NAS has worked flawlessly for the last 2 years, but 2 weeks ago it started randomly dropping off the network for no reason, I was away with work so I got the wife to do a reboot for me and it came good.

I thought I’d have a proper look when I got home, now I’ve had chance to look at it, I have noticed that a lot of my older files are missing, these seem to be files containing a names similar to [program title] - Season 1, [program title] - Season 2 etc.

Can anyone help please? Are these files really gone or have they just become hidden for some reason?

I access my NAS using a Mac so I don’t have access to a recycle bin.

Hi domthepom,

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a NAS is not a backup in itself. you should back up your NAS.