My EX4100 does not shut down

I just got my EX4100 24TB and have it be connected to three WD products: My Book 2TB, My passport ultra (2TB) and my passport (2TB). The later two drivers are linked via Anger USB hub. With this layout, here are my two questions that need your help:

  1. The EX4100 cannot be shut down correctly. I tried either click the button on the machine or manipulate through WD web software to shut down, but it always shows “system is shutting down” for more than 4 hours! The four blue LEDs of the bay are blinking all the time. So I checked both CPU and network activity and there is nothing proceeding at all.

  2. Unable to proceed internal backup for MyBook 2TB (usb connected): when I setup a new internal backup for My Book 2TB connected via usb port, the system shows error and indicates that my driver is full, while my Ex4100 has 10.4 TB free.

Please advice.
Your precious assistance is most appreciated.


Hi there,

Try to reset the unit to see if after doing this you can shut it down normally, here is a link that might help you out:

Hope this helps.

Thans ArMak! I’ve reset my Ex4100 and now is backing up my USB drivers but it takes so long. I will try to see whether it can be shut down normally and report here.