My esternal hard disk (WD my passport) didn't accept the firmware update and no longer work

what can i say i fed up with this product … first : it  couldn’t be recognized by the computer accidentally with no resonable reason , i diidn’t know what to do and there is no any phone no. or offices for WD in my country (egypt) … so i went  to a technician who told my to update the firm ware which i did >>>> i downloaded the latest version and followed the instructions and finally the computer reconized it , but it didn’t go the right way and suddenly it stopped and gives error and asked me to put the right device … i didn’t know what to do its already the right device and i had removed all other usb devices … i restarted the pc … and rerun the firmware but every thing gone wrong and every time it asks me to rescan and it didn’t detect it … i went back to the tecnocian and told him the problem and he told me to get an older version of the firmware and try it <<<<<<<<< i have searched every where and couldn’t find it neither on this site nor on any other one .

please help either by giving me the solution of this problem … OR , Give me the link for the OLDER VERSION OF THAT (FIRMWARE) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Waiting for your reply.

Why did you post here? This forum section has nothing to do with harddrive firmware…

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thanks for reply , but where to post it then ???

Do you have any solution for my problem ??? if yes please tell me and i’ll be grateful

oh , i’m very sorry i just have recognized that this is not the right section … thanks any way