My Essentials with wd smartware does not support the required AFP features

I am unable to find a firmware update for this drive to use time machine over a network connection to back up my macbook pro. I can not find any informaiton regarding this drive. Help is appreciated! 

Well for starters this is not a network drive and it comes formatted NTFS for Windows. Here is a link that may shed a little light on it


Thanks but that link provides nothing. There are issues with other WD drives not being updated to the new Lion AFP standard found here.‘the-network-backup-disk-does-not-support-the-required-afp-features’-is Prior to Lion, the drives worked fine. Several of the drives have been updated. This drive also is available as  a “mac”  drive formated for Mac from the get go. So you should read up before sharing links. Thanks for the attempt.

NTSC is not an issue, the drives are formated Mac Format extened Journaled  and are connected through a cisco router via usb, They do not work as shared connected to another mac either any longer. Any drive can be used on mac with formating and networked. Unfortunatly the other drives in the link above have been updated to support the new AFP protocal for Mac and the discussions covering this topic are already locked on this forum. If anyone with any input, I would appreciate it.

Do any WD admins have any input on an updated firmware to update the AFP feature on the My Essential? Thank you much.

Looks like there is limited support for non NAS drives to update network featured and protocols from WD from digging through this forumn more. Just lucky time machine worked previously with the looser AFP protocal. There are Lion tweaks to work with the legacy drives. I would rather update the drive verus the latter.