My Essentials 3TB Won't Install and makes EVERYTHING slow!


We purchsed a WD My Essentials 3TB HDD when our previous PC got knocked over and our other hard rive was going out.  Now that we’ve purchased a new computer, we would like to transfer our data.

When our HDD is plugged in, certain programs won’t work (ie. photoshop, etc.)  Things load slower, and sometimes, even the sound on our PC doesn’t work.  As soon as we unplug it, everything works as it should! (weird!)

This may be because the HDD isn’t installed yet.  I’ve gone into My Computer/Manage/etc.  SOMETIMES the HDD shows up, but when I right click to partition, I get an error message saying the drive has to be formatted before it is installed.  I don’t want to format (LOSE) all of my data before I install it. 

Regardless, our WD My Book Essentials 3TB appears to be functioning normally.  However, our new PC seems to have an issue with installing it.  Do you have any recommendations?

New HP PC, running Windows 7, 6GB RAM and AMD Phenom II 521 Processor.

Thanks in advance!


As per your description the unit seems to be have a corrupt file on it. Try to run your computer scandisk utility this could repair the corruption, however it depends of the corruption level. 

Scandisk won’t work on it.  I finally left if open for a few  hours and got it to finally show up in My Computer.  When I double click the drive it says “P:\ is not accessable.  Parameter is incorrect”

When I right click it, and go to properties, the free/used space says 0 bytes.  Scandisc won’t run on it, it says “Scandisc won’t run because Windows can’t access the disc”

I downloaded a program called TestDisk, and it seems to be able to pull data off of the drive, but it’s mving very slowly.  At the rate it’s moving, it will take 2 YEARS to get the data off!!!

Any advise?

In My Computer, it says it’s partitioned as RAW, not NTFS