My Essential book 1tb stuck in lock mode

I was watching a movie on my laptop, i went to do something and when i come back the movie was frozen. I try to minimize the video but the PC was also frozen, so i try to turn off the WD HD but nothing happen, i disconnected from the PC and the PC was running normal, i reconnected the External HD and it did not Auto Play. i try EVERYTHING!!! but the HD is in lock mode, and its not recognize by any PC I plug it in to.

3 Laptops - No Good

2 Desktop- No Good

I have 2 laptops with WD Smartware and nothing, and one desktop has it but still the HD is not doing anything. the only thing that the HD does is spin normaly, the off botton does not work it only stays on lock mode… like this

i connect and disconnect but nothing!!!

PLEASE HELP!!! i got pictures and memories from back 2001 all the way to now in there, 200gb of animes, 60gb of movies and like 80gb of music “compleate Cds” i had a bunch of Back up Cds and broke all of them after buying this HD… PLEASE HELP!!!

PS: My only hope is if there is nothing software like to fix it, then go Hardware. if the Usb port burned, i could buy another HD and exchange it, that would be my last hope. Thanks in advance.

Have you tried a firmware update? It tends to brute-force ask for the password before the process can be completed and you should be able to unlock it.

i have exactly same kind of problem, and i have 400 GB of data, which is near and dear to my life, including handpicked movies and my old work data and resources, however, once i installed this RAM Booster software, it looks like WD My Book went into lock mode, after i have saved some settings and rebooted my Windows Vista Notebook, but not sure what is the exact reason other than that. However, please help me as how i can make it work, is there any link or resource that can help?