My DVD won't read my "My Passport Essential" hard drive


Hey, I’m Lior, and I’m new to all of this, so please don’t kill me if some of the things I say don’t really make sense…

I used to have a WD 150GB, but it broke down… I had tones of TV shows and stuff on it and I connected it to my DVD and it played them just fine. After it broke down I bought a new WD hard drive “My Passport Essential” Ultra-portable or something… It has 500GB…

Now my DVD won’t read it, it says “unreadable USB”. and I just can’t figure out why… Someone told me that the older DVDs aren’t used to hard drive this big or something, but I just find it weird… Plus my DVD is only a year and a half old…

I would appreciate it so much if anyone knows why it happens or if there’s a way to fix it…

Thank you so much in advance,



What do you mean, your DVD won’t read your My Passport?  How does that work, that a DVD reads an external drive?


I think what the user means is that the dvd they use has a USB drive where you can plus in an external hard drive in. I have the same problem. I had an old WD external hard drive and upgraded to a “my book essential” and now it doesn’t want to read the files I have on the new hard drive. Any suggestions?


It’s possible that it’s attempting to read the VCD on the drive, instead of the drive itself.  You may have to hide the VCD and see if it works then.  Otherwise, it’s most likely not going to be compatible.