My dvd collection

I would like to put my dvd collection on my wd mp i now have a 1tb harddrive and would like to put them on there how do i go about it thanks.

Depends, do you need the menu? If not, rip main movie only to ISO with DVDfab.


Sometimes I use good old DVD Shrink.  I get into the DVD Shrink 3.2 Preferences, Output Files and untick “Split VOB Files into 1GB size chunks”.  It then creates a single .vob file of the main movie which plays fine on the WDTV SMP.

Which might lose info from the IFOs that are sometimes necessary. Also, Shrink can’t deal with latest protections since its development stopped in 2005.

Thanks went down the the fab route pic quality looks fine and most of the few ive done came in around 4 gb.