My drive just keep on filling even I delete files but it says "0" bytes remaining


I am using windows 7 ultimate on HP pavilion dv5000 and I installed my back up of this PC on my WD 1TB My Passport. It worked fine till lately I noticed that it remains filled up even when I delete files from this drive. I have deleted over 9GB and the space remaining on my drive is “0”. I scanned the drive for viruses the result is clear. I upgraded the firmware recently to the latest version with no problems. I am not sure what is eating up my space in the drive the normal testes and checks that came with the disk are all clear and OK. Anyone here has a suggestion please !

Thanking all in advance



Are you using WD Smartware to backup your drive? If so, try to access the folder smartware.swstor to verify the backup content.

Its not the back-up I am looking for (although it is there) I am asking for the problem that fills up my drive without a reason…(apparent reason)


Smartware backups up to 3 version of each file. Therefore this could be a reason why the drive is filling up, however you need to check the folder that a mentioned to make sure how many versions of each file are store in your drive.

Oh yes I know that fact but is there a way OUT of this because prior to a few weeks ago this was not my problem and i never ran out of the space now it is gobling up ALL that becomes available…no matter what i do but i will make some more search today to see what can be done because i hate loosing space every time i create it…