My Drive is not accessible

I have My Book Essential 1TB. I had an issue with my drive, it was working fine with my desktop PC running windows XP but when i plugged this drive into anyother PC or laptop it used to become un-accessible. What could be the reason behind it? Now i installed fresh Window XP on my same Desktop PC and my Book Essentiale is now un-accessible. Please help me what should I do?

I have same problem… Different is I didn’t move my MYBOOK to other PC… I was using it when I got I/O error since then am unable to access my data…I am really questioning the reliability of the product… 

@Soha: You’ll have to be more specific than that, I mean do you get an error message? is it asking for drivers? Is the drive on disk management (Right-click computer/my computer> manage> disk management)? And above all, DO YOU HAVE A PASSWORD FOR THE DRIVE? The drive WON’T show up at all until you unlock it.

@Mutasem: Input/Output error means there is either a problem with the cable or with the USB port on either the drive or the computer, if you change the cable and you don’t get the error on the first computer you tried then the other computer is messed up.