My drive has gone missing ...Help? Please

Win Xp… All the available updates.

WD Caviar black 500gb drive 2 years old;

Serial Number: [edited]

Model/Order number: WD5001AALS-00L3B2

 The drive has always been of oddly slow access  on first access of the day… never thought mujh of it,  as it worked fine otherwise.

 Yesterday  Win’s ‘my computer’ only showed drve C     ('this drive was/is ‘D’ )

 Device manager lists it…And claims this device is working properly… but … the volumes page is blank? 

WD diagnostic, freshly downloaded, tests the drive as ‘pass’ on both quick and extended testings.

 Drive is up 'n spinning at least and  running at 35C Just cannot get Win to access the thing.

I need my stored Data.

 All wires/cables have been switched with no effect

 Please help I don’t even know What? to try next

check the partition status on disk utility 

it might be listed as raw or unallocated

use TestDiskto restore the files and repair the partition

Fixed it seems the drive’s Index became corrupted. rebuilt it and all is good.

ok you’re welcome :smileyvery-happy: